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Timeline History of Schweitzer Formula

  • The Birth of Schweitzer Formula


    Just after the turn into the 20th century, science is abounding with new insights and theories.  The quantum view is emerging as science begins to realize there is a lot more going on behind the curtain of physical reality.  Experiments that reveal odd and mystifying results, create an environment that allows for an entire new exploration to take place.  Within this context, universities around the world are looking to discover the newest breakthrough.  It was at the Georg-Speyer Hous, today known as the Paul Ehrlich Institute, that created a condusive environment for cutting edge research to take place.  Attracting the greatest minds of the time, the fledgling school provided the platform for which the discovery of a new formula was realized.  It was there and then that students and teachers discovered The Formula. 


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  • The Invention Crystallizes


    The three ingredients crystallized together, created something new, that was greater than the sum of its parts.  At the time of the discovery, the new creation was simply called "The Formula."  It was based on the idea that forming a crystal out of three nutrients produced an effect that had tremendous capacities to stimulate the healing response in biological systems.  The nutrients had to be exactly in a particular form and environmental controls had to be in place to allow for the formation of the crystal.  Once this was accomplished and the results realized, The Formula was born.  Since the primary ingredients were zinc, boric acid (type of boron), and salicylic acid, it soon became know as Zinc-Borocyl.  This is a summation of how Schweitzer Formula was born from some of the greatest minds of the time.  The theories of Plank, Einstein and Ehrlich where used and it is told that they were involved directly in the creation of Zinc-Borocyl, or what... Read More

  • Dr L.E. Schweitzer Is Impressed

    The Formula demonstrates remarkable ability to stimulate the healing response.  As the inventors consider the implications of their discoveries, they come to realize that they have created something very worthwhile.  The positive effects of The Formula are quite remarkable and show great promise for human and animal health.  It was here, that Dr L.E. Schweitzer, a chemist at the Speyer-House Institute, become impressed with The Formula (today known as Schweitzer Formula).  As he realizes the implications of what had been discovered, he quickly becomes the primary proponent of The Formula.  Things are very busy and science is exploding with possibilities.  The other scientists were quickly on to other endeavors and being pulled in many directions.  The Formula is not much of a concern to the others, as their careers force them to move on to the next big thing for them.  L.E. Schweitzer had a different idea however, as he made the dec... Read More

  • Effectiveness Explored

    Dr Schweitzer continues to be impressed by how much good The Formula is doing for people and animals.  By this time, he has done many experiments and has a very good understanding of the energetic effects that The Formula is emparting.  Much is gleaned about the ability of The Formula to help with health issues, such as wound healing, scars, general immune system stimulation, psoriasis and skin issues of all types.  Many types of digestive issues are positively affected, as well.  He is finding that doctors and holistic healers of all types are very excited to be working with The Formula and encourage Dr Schweitzer to continue his efforts.  The word spreads and the fledgling formula becomes well established as a positive tool for the health community.  

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  • Formula Named Zinc-Borocyl

    The Formula needs a name.  Dr Schweitzer combed parts of the names of the elements used in The Formula to create the name.  So it was that, The Formula became known as Zinc-Borocyl.  As Dr Schweitzer continued educating the greater community about The Formula, he began to make it known as Zinc-Borocyl. 


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  • Dr Schweitzer Starts The Z-B Chemical Company

    Dr. Schweitzer starts the Z-B Chemical Company.  He produces and distributes the formula as Zinc-Borocyl.  It is now becoming so popular, that the process needs to be organized in a more formal manner.  The Z-B Chemical Company operates throughout Europe, as it begins to become an established brand, offering Schweitzer Formula throughout the area.


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  • Schweitzer Formula Sold Throughout Europe

    Zinc-Borocyl is firmly established in the European community.  Widely accepted and used among the health practitioners throughout Europe.  The public is also extensively receptive and aware of the of the formula.  Production and distribution are buzzing with activity.

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  • Dr Schweitzer Takes Formula Abroad

    By now, Dr. Schweitzer is really building up steam and confidence in what he is doing.  At this point, he decides to take The Formula to the United States and see how the Americans will respond to Zinc-Borocyl.  Dr. Schweitzer sets sail for the U.S. and sets up the Z-B Chemical Co.  After settling in, Dr. Schweitzer begins spreading the word about the new invention to doctors, naturopaths, homeopaths, chiropractors, nurses, and the public in general. 

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  • Dr Schweitzer Spreads The Word - And The Formula

    Dr. Schweitzer is now focusing most of his energy on getting Zinc-Borocyl, or simply Borocyl, to become more well known and utilized in the United States.  Dr Schweitzer had successfully seeded the use of The Formula throughout Europe, with his trusted staff maintaining the production and distribution there.  As Dr. Schweitzer continues his work educating the American public, holistic health, and medical community on the uses and benefits of Schweitzer Formula.  

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  • Dr Schweitzer Passes On The Formula

    Dr. Schweitzer has done very well with Zinc-Borocyl over the years.  His company, The Z-B Chemical Company, is firmly established in both Europe and the United States.  Unfortunately, this is where Dr. Schweitzer must decide how to continue his work, as his health begins to fail, and he soon passes on.  Dr. Schweitzer, however, made plans for the formula to live beyond his own mortal existence.  His relationship with Dr. Blazinski makes for an obvious and easy transition of ownership and The Formula continues on.


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  • Dr Blazinski Takes On Stewardship

    Dr. Blazinsk and L.E. Schweitzer had become close friends over the years, working together and learning about the many uses of Zinc-Borocyl.  It was an obvious and natural exchange.  Dr. Blazinski agreed to take on the production and distribution of Zinc-Borocyl and continue the Z-B Chemical Company into the future. 


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  • Student Of Dr Paul Erhlich Endorses Formula

    Dr. George C. Custer of Chicago states in a letter to Mr. Haggerty, a student of Dr. Paul Ehrlich's, that "I first visited Dr. Blazinski in 1930, when he introduced me to his technique, in the use of Borocyl in treating LEG ULCERS and all types of acute and chronic infections. He has a number of physicians using it in their general practice for eye, ear, nose, mouth and throat infections, etc."



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  • Chicago Burn Clinic Embraces Zinc-Borocyl (Schweitzer Formula)

    Zinc-Borocyl (Schweitzer Formula) was introduced into the Cook County Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, between 1920 and 1940, under Dr. Karl Meyer, as the dressing of choice for all infections and as the exclusive dressing for the Burn Unit.  Dr. Meyer was eventually persuaded by a pharmaceutical company to use their petro-chemicals in place of the natural biological, Zinc-Borocyl (Schweitzer Formula).


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  • Zinc-Borocyl Being Used Extensively By Doctors

    By this time frame, Zinc-Borocyl (Schweitzer Formula) is widely accepted in both Europe and America and is beginning to make inroads to other areas of the world as well.  Doctors, nurses and holistic practitioners of all types have now enbraced The Formula and it is being used extensively in many clinics.  The general populace, as well, is ordering Zinc-Borcyl and continuing use and referring family and friends to trying it out also. 


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  • Zinc-Borocyl (Schweitzer Formula) Sold Throughout North and South America

    The popularity and general awareness of Zinc-Borocyl continues to expand rapidly.  In this general time frame, expansion into Canada, Central and South America is acheived.  The proven ability of Zinc-Borocyl (Schweitzer Formula) to help people with their health, continues to cause the distribution to grow.  Health Practitioners are a very big part of fueling this growth, as they see the effectiveness of this natural healing agent.

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  • Brain Surgeon, Dr Paul Heineck Uses Zinc-Borocyl (Schweitzer Formula)

    Dr. Amie Paul Heineck became so confident with Zinc-Borocyl (Schweitzer Formula), that he began to use it in all of his numerous brain operations, with astonishing success.  This historical fact is a powerful example of how effective Zinc-Borocyl really is and how much doctors began to rely on it in the middle of the 20th century.



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  • Dr Heineck Becomes Director Of The Zinc-Borocyl Company

    The noted Chicago Brain Surgeon, Dr. Amie Paul Heineck, was the technical director for the Zinc-Borocyl Company for 16 years.  Dr. Heineck's dedication to using the formula and helping to manage the Z-B Chemical Company was a very significant contribution to The Formula's continued expansion throughout the world.  Dr. Heineck, M.D. and Ph.D., died in 1952 at the age of 92.

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  • Big Pharma Moves In

    Going back before World War II, the large pharmaceutical companies have pushed a policy to advertise and sell the synthetic petrochemical drugs and to discredit the proven healing qualities of natural, non-patentable, natural biological agents.  As you will see, if you continue on with the timeline slideshow, The Formula continues to sustain its momentum, due to all of the positive experiences of thousands of people throughout the world.  

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  • Mr William Hagerty Renews Interest in Zinc_Borocyl

    Mr. William Hagerty, Sr., a long time student and friend of Paul Ehrlich's, becomes interested in the production and distribution of Zinc-Borocyl.  Hagerty and Blazinski begin talks to arrange for Zinc-Borocyl to be passed on once again.  


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  • Hagerty Purchases and Trademarks as Formula 767

    Mr. William D. Hagerty, Sr., a student of Professor Paul Ehrlich's since 1933, and very familiar with Zinc-Borocyl, purchased The Formula, and the trademark name of “Zinc-Borocyl” in 1957.  He then, trademarks Zinc-Borocyl as Formula 767 and begins to develop production and distribution plans.


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  • Hagerty Forms Bionics, Inc To Distribute The Formula

    Hagerty forms Bionics, Inc as a means to produce and distribute Schweitzer Formula (Zinc-Borocyl) under the new name Formula 767.


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  • Hagerty Turns Rights Over to Dr Kenneth B. Rowell

    Formula767 (Schweitzer Formula) is passed onto the next steward, Dr Kenneth Rowell of Chicago, USA.   

    He begins lab production and bottling of Formula 767 (Schweitzer Formula).

    Dr Rowell begins recommending the formula to his patients in the Chicago community.

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  • Dr Rowell Takes To The Air

    Dr. Rowell begins broadcasting his own radio program on the Chicago airwaves and talks extensively about Formula 767.  The news spreads and the phones are ringing.  Dr. Rowell experiences great success with both his radio program and the responses from his clients and customers. 








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  • Rexall Drug Stores Begin Carrying Formula 767 (Schweitzer Formula)

    Dr Rowell receives a warm welcome from the Rexall chain of pharmacy's in Chicago.  Formula 767 (Schweitzer Formula) is carried by stores throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.  With the support of Dr. Rowell's radio program, people respond and Formula 767 is very successful in the windy city.

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  • Astounding Results Are Reported

    Reports flood in, as Dr Rowell begins to see a large surge in sales throughout the Chicago area.  The word spreads, as people begin to experience the positive benefits of using Formula 767 (Schweitzer Formula) for a wide range of health problems.  From mouth care to cancer, Formula 767 is embraced by many as part of the solution.


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  • Dr John Whitman Ray, N.D., M.D. (M.A.) Takes On Stewardship

    Dr John Whitman Ray, a pioneer and proponent of Integrative and Holistic Medicine, embraces The Formula after Dr. Rowell.  Dr Ray renames Formula 767 after L.E. Schweitzer, who originally brought The Formula to the U.S., and initiated the use of it as a healing agent.  From this time on, The Formula was known as Schweitzer Formula.

    Dr. Ray incorporates Schweitzer Formula into Body Electronics, the system of healing that he created, developed,  and promoted worldwide.


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  • Decision Not To Bottle

    Dr Ray makes the decision not to bottle the Schweitzer Formula.  Deciding to offer the crystals only, allows for a more streamlined operation and easy shipping.  The end user must produce the solution.  This works well for the Body Electronics community, but limits availability to the average person. 


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  • Dr Ray's Untimely Passing

    There is so much that can be said and written about Dr John Whitman Ray, that it would be impossible to do him justice in this space.  We are more than honored to be involved in the continuation of Dr. Ray's work, even if only in some small part.  Assuredly a man of great wisdom and compassion.  Dr. Ray passed on in 2001.

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  • Schweitzer Formula Continues On, Thanks To Dr Ray

    Dr Ray ensured the continued production and distribution through his company, Enzymes International.  Schweitzer Formula crystals are still being produced according to the original formulaic instructions, thanks to the commitment of the team of professionals at Enzymes International.

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  • HealThySelf Begins Bottling Schweitzer Formula

    Upon learning about Schweitzer Formula in early 2003, David Louis DeFebo becomes fascinated with this unique crystalline formula.  In 2007, he contacts Enzymes International about bottling and distributing.  It was agreed that it would be beneficial to the global community at large to communicate it to a wider audience via the internet.  Historical Documents are sent to DeFebo and he begins organizing the information and learning of the rich history of Schweitzer Formula.  

    David Louis DeFebo begins bottling Schweitzer Formula under the brand HealThySelfTM.  


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  • HealThySelf Launches First Website is successfully launched in 2008 offering four sizes.


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  • Stories Flood In As Website Becomes Known

    Stories pour in from around the world in the months following the website launch, as people reconnect with The Formula and call in to tell their stories. 

    The stories are very heart warming and emotional, both for the people telling them and for those of us priviledged to hear.  It seems important for those people that witnessed or experienced the effectiveness of Schweitzer Formula to share.  It is also important for those of us involved in the work of providing The Formula to others, to hear these stories, as it confirms that we are doing something worthwhile, important, and helpful to others. 


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  • Schweitzer Formula Facebook Page Is Launched page is created. 


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  • Schweitzer Formula On Twitter Begins

    Schweitzer Formula sends out its first Tweet!


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  • Schweitzer Begins Posting On Google+

    Schweitzer Formula begins posting on Google+ to get the word out.


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  • Beginning of 2014 Sees Launch of Facebook Store

     The Schweitzer Formula Facebook store is launched on the Facebook Page. 



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  • HealThySelf Continues To Grow With Formula

    HealThySelf launches brand new website and continues to grow making Schweitzer Formula  available in many package types and combinations.  Single products, Combo Packs, Family Packs and BOGO Deals are all available.

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SF logo round150HealThySelf launches brand new website and continues to grow making Schweitzer Formula  available in many package types and combinations.  Single products, Combo Packs, Family Packs and BOGO Deals are all available.

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