Schweitzer Formula - A Crystalline Healing Solution

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So what is Schweitzer Formula?


purpleflasksmSchweitzer Formula was invented in 1915 at the Georg-Speyer House Institute in Frankfurt, Germany. Teams of scientists at this fledgling institute, such as Max Plank, Albert Einstein, and Paul Ehrlich, were working with new breakthroughs in physics called Quantum Theory.  It was here that the principles of quantum physics were applied to a simple mixture of zinc, boron and salicylic acid. The result was the invention of a proprietary processing technique that developed the mixture into an enhanced quantum crystallized state.  This cutting edge formula was first marketed and sold in 1920 and has since been used extensively throughout the world. Today, the original, time-tested Schweitzer Formula has been resurrected in bottled form with all its multi-purpose uses and benefits.


Once you try it, you won't be without it.


Schweitzer Formula...


is a proprietary crystalline form of zinc/boron/salicylate suspended in distilled water.

is a universal disinfectant which controls unhealthy germs but does not destroy normal cells and tissue.

is a universal solvent which helps to thin and purify the bloodstream.

is non-irritating and soothing to delicate mucous membranes.

is non-toxic

is odorless

is a cleanser

is a deodorant

is mildly analgesic

stimulates tissue growth

assists nature in restoring normal function


is a completely natural product


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