Schweitzer Formula - A Crystalline Healing Solution

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4ozglass-dropperI have been considering offering Schweitzer Formula in glass bottles for some time now.  I'm very excited to announce that a new glass dropper bottle is available as of April 2014.  There have been  a few requests for this option over the past few years.  Glass, of course, is the best material for keeping supplements and food products.  The downside is the added cost, as well as the weight and fragility factors during shipping.  It seems there is a demand for this option and I am more than happy to be able to offer Schweitzer Formula in glass bottles.  We are starting out with the 4oz dropper bottle, with more to come.  The dropper bottle can be very helpful in applying Schweitzer Formula in the ears, the eyes, and in the mouth.  

More glass bottles will be released in the next two months.  We are planning a 16oz and 32oz bottle.  Both of these will not have a dispenser top, they are intended to store and to refill other dispenser bottles.  Gallon bottles will also be available soon for those interested.  As always, I look forward to your feedback.  Keep the testimonials coming in, they keep us going. 

A related note on glass; all Schweitzer Formula is stored in glass jugs until the time of bottling.  This ensures the most pure product possible.




March 31st, 2014

David Louis DeFebo of HealThySelf, announces the launch of the new website.

We welcome you to explore all of the new features of the website.

Look for new product offerings coming soon.



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