Schweitzer Formula - A Crystalline Healing Solution

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A Crystalline Healing Mineral Solution

Topical and Internal Use | Repairs damaged skin

Stops unhealthy germs | Balances pH - Purifies the bloodstream

100 Years of Safe and Effective Use Worldwide

Healing Stories From Our Customers


DynV Laboratory image 150The three ingredients crystallized together, created something new, that was greater than the sum of its parts.  At the time of the discovery, the new creation was simply called "The Formula."  It was based on the idea that forming a crystal out of three nutrients produced an effect that had tremendous capacities to stimulate the healing response in biological systems.  The nutrients had to be exactly in a particular form and environmental controls had to be in place to allow for the formation of the crystal.  Once this was accomplished and the results realized, The Formula was born.  Since the primary ingredients were zinc, boric acid (type of boron), and salicylic acid, it soon became know as Zinc-Borocyl.  This is a summation of how Schweitzer Formula was born from some of the greatest minds of the time.  The theories of Plank, Einstein and Ehrlich where used and it is told that they were involved directly in the creation of Zinc-Borocyl, or what is known today as Schweitzer Formula.


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